Leane Caddick

I have been treated by Rohan at Caerphilly Chiropractic Clinic in Blackwood since July 2012 following a slight road traffic accident. I began experiencing headaches, stiffness to my neck and shoulders and lower back pain. 

I am a police officer and rely on my physical wellbeing to do my daily duties, from patrolling my area to carrying all the necessary equipment. I was finding that it was becoming difficult to carry out my daily tasks due to the headaches, stiffness and pain. 

On my first appointment Rohan carried out an extensive examination of the problematic areas and asked me a series of questions in relation to the severity of the pain. Rohan took the time to find out about my daily routine and what I my aims and objectives were. 

I was apprehensive at first as this was my first experience of this type of treatment and I had heard a number of stories from people – however, Rohan put my mind at ease and talked me through all the treatment that he was looking to administer. 

I can say that from the first consultation the headaches have stopped. Rohan has managed to put a stop to the stiffness in my shoulders and neck and I have had the best nights sleep in a long time as my lower back pain has all but gone. 

At the beginning my pain levels were at 8 out of 10 and now it is not even registering!! 

I can not recommend Caerphilly Chiropractic Clinic enough – Rohan and the reception staff have made me very welcome with their personal touch to the way they operate their business. 

Thanks Rohan, 


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