Les Richards

To whom it may concern.

I am 62 years young and have played sport all my life. Indeed I still play team squash, coach squash and run several times a week.

Last December I started getting back pains and eventually I acquired a strain by lifting my Grandson out of his cot. I was in constant pain, could not bend even to put my socks on, sport was impossible and driving a car for more than 30 minutes was unbearable.

I went to my GP who prescribed pain killers and said I should take long hot baths and use hot water bottles to ease the pain. I did this for 2 weeks but saw no improvement and the painkillers were making me feel sick. I went back to my GP and they prescribed a different painkiller that also made me feel sick.

After Christmas a work colleague noticed my gait and asked what was wrong and she recommended a Chiropractor she had used – Rohan Herbert. I decided to give it a try as things were not improving. In January I had an assessment by Rohan. He was very friendly and professional and suggested a course of treatment and exercises. He said I had general wear and tear in my lower back and indeed my neck also needed attention.

So, I embarked on a course which involved massage, manipulation and recommendations on exercise and the use of a cold compress. I realised some immediate improvements in my condition and it was clear the pain killers diagnosed by my GP was just masking the problem and the heat treatment the opposite of what I should be doing.

As the weeks passed my condition improved as I continued the treatment and the exercises stepped up in complexity and intensity. My treatment was completed In March and I have made a complete recovery. I am back playing team squash and running. Indeed my movement has improved on the court as I can turn my body and neck a lot easier. I still have 4 weekly sessions as I believe the chiropractic treatment helps with my general health.

I am a professional Purchasing Manager and it’s my job to spend money wisely and get value for money.
The treatment I got from Rohan was worth every penny and I would certainly recommend him to anyone with back problems.

Best regards Les.


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