Shown below are some testimonials received from previous patients at the clinic, including personal letters set to Rohan and emails received.

Emails / Other Testimonials


I have received treatment from Rohan shortly after the 2012 cricket season, after I experienced problems with my knees and lower back due the wicket keeping duties I undertake. Being 23 years old I thought these would naturally go away, however after some time I decided to see somebody and was recommended to Rohan by a friend.  READ MORE

Leane Caddick:

I have been treated by Rohan at Caerphilly Chiropractic Clinic in Blackwood since July 2012 following a slight road traffic accident. I began experiencing headaches, stiffness to my neck and shoulders and lower back pain.  READ MORE

Vassilia Williams:

Rohan. Just wanted to say “Thank you”. In April 2013 when I coincidentally worked the same show as you in Bargoed, little did I realise you would work such magic. I could barely turn my head, was in pretty much constant discomfort to pain and everyday things were a chore. READ MORE

Les Richards:

I am 62 years young and have played sport all my life. Indeed I still play team squash, coach squash and run several times a week. Last December I started getting back pains and eventually I acquired a strain by lifting my Grandson out of his cot. READ MORE

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