How to stay healthy, getting the balance right

Eat well!! Diet is a huge factor in our general health, everybody needs a treat now and again and it shouldn’t be any different however a well rounded, balanced diet including fruit/vegetables and not too much processed food is highly advised.

Exercise!! We are born to move, it is the most natural thing in the world for our bodies to be active. Modern day routines mean that it is hard to be as active as we may like but trying to walk when you can, parking a bit further away then you need to or taking the bike to work can be easy ways to get more exercise in if you can't make the gym or exercise as freely as youd like. In an ideal world we'd get our heart rate raised and do 30 minutes of exercise a day!

Look after your body!! We only have one body and it’s the only place we have to live in. this may include getting your teeth check up, visiting the podiatrist or seeing your chiropractor! Keep your body moving correctly and the benefits can be MASSIVE

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