Headaches....normal, right?!?

Headaches are normal, arent they?

WRONG! This is a very common misconception among society! Certainlyheadaches are very common but no headache is "normal". There are many causes for primary headaches (headaches not caused by any underlying condition) including dehydrtion, tiredness, missing meals, certain smells and posture. Sometmes, however, headaches can be caused by joints of the neck and muscles of the neck not working and moving as they should do normally due to any combination of lifestyle factors or stresses. Chiropractic treatment can help with this type of headache and also migraines by addressing the dysfunctions in the neck and surrounding muscles!

Infact, as the summer approaches we often see a trend of headache patients as exams in school, college and university draw nearer! Infact headaches are generally more common among teenagers and young adults and also more common in females...having said this any person at any age can be affected by headaches and they are never nice!

If you are suffering from headaches or any other condition we can ghelp with dont hesitate to contact us on 01639 881999 0r visit www.taibachchiro.co.uk. you have nothing to lose but your pain! 


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