Get Into The Swing….

We often see patients who report improvements in areas that they may not have initially thought possible such as improved posture, better sleep, better digestion etc but with the summer approaching there always one that’s particuarly fun….the good old golf swing!! Frequently if an existing back, shoulder or knee condition for example is addressed then something that …

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Headaches….normal, right?!?

Headaches are normal, arent they? WRONG! This is a very common misconception among society! Certainlyheadaches are very common but no headache is “normal”. There are many causes for primary headaches (headaches not caused by any underlying condition) including dehydrtion, tiredness, missing meals, certain smells and posture. Sometmes, however, headaches can be caused by joints of the neck and muscles …

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Our New Clinic

After a period of 2 years working at a Chiropractic clinic in Blackwood, nr. Cardiff gaining invaluable experience, our Chiropractor Rohan Herbert has decided to open a clinic of his own in his home town of Port Talbot. Our brand new clinic located on Commercial Road has recently opened and we are looking forward to welcoming …

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