Vassilia Williams


Just wanted to say “Thank you”. In April 2013 when I coincidentally worked the same show as you in Bargoed, little did I realise you would work such magic. 

I could barely turn my head, was in pretty much constant discomfort to pain and everyday things were a chore. My work requires me to drive around the UK, stay away from home (different beds, office seats, stuck in car for long periods) and my job is sedentary when not on the road so I am in front of a computer screen all day – so the combination of listening without judging initially to understand how I truly felt, working with my body to encourage it to loosen up and let go of the stresses and strains until you could make the necessary adjustments and giving me straightforward and easy to sustain exercises has led to my feeling so much better. 

It has been a fairly stressful several weeks alongside the treatment and I am sure that without your support and brand of magic, the past several weeks would have been very difficult to get through. 

I can only say “Thank you” and that is not enough. 


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