I have received treatment from Rohan shortly after the 2012 cricket season, after I experienced problems with my knees and lower back due the wicket keeping duties I undertake. Being 23 years old I thought these would naturally go away, however after some time I decided to see somebody and was recommended to Rohan by a friend. 

I do enjoy to ski sometimes up to twice a year so these problems needed to be sorted in order to be able to continue to participate in both through my youth. From the outset Rohan was really professional and made sure he had the right information from me in order for him to create a programme to stop the problems I was having. 

Apart from the usual bone breakages as a child, I have never suffered from any other injuries and was quite worried that there may be more to the problem than just back and knee ache. Rohan always gave me an explanation of what was going on during treatment and informed me of what I should be looking to do between treatments. 

My main concern was not to suffer prolonged pain during my cricket season and any skiing activities. My skiing holidays came and passed, withoutme suffering from any back or knee pain whatsoever. I have even started back training for cricket and apart from the early season aches, I have suffered none of the previous issues that I made Rohan aware of. 

My personal advice to anyone suffering from some sort of pain would be to attend the Blackwood Chiropractic Centre, as you can’t really put a price on your personal health and fitness. Everyone at the centre was welcoming and the way in which the service is carried out is extremely professional. 

Cheers Rohan, 


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